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Criminal & Civil Cases

We can be of great service to your legal team. Let CIG do the investigative groundwork for you so you can focus on your case and the upcoming legal proceedings. We will provide only the best investigators with years of experience in all facets of criminal and civil investigations.Let your case get the attention it needs. In today’s economic environment law enforcement agencies do not always have the manpower and resources to handle the volume of criminal cases brought before them. Quite often these cases are rushed and closed out for the sake of expediency, often resulting in missed opportunities.

Our investigators are all prior law enforcement professionals with extensive investigative backgrounds. They will take the time to understand the charges and applicable laws as it relates to the case. They will scour the case files, review police reports, copies of evidence, witness statements, photographs, phone messages, and any other related case materials. They will also revisit the crime scene to determine if anything was overlooked.

Our investigators will verify and validate all that has been done by the investigating law enforcement agency, and in the process uncover, if present, any inconsistencies in the case, ulterior motives, missed evidence, new witnesses or any other information relevant to the case that was not originally brought forward.

No matter how complex the case, civil or criminal, investigators at Culper Investigations Group will pursue justice with an open mind and ensure that the innocent will not be tried, convicted, and punished for crimes or actions they did not commit. Call us today for free consultation