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Do you need security for your company, small business, or special event? Do you require personal protection? We offer trained and experienced armed and unarmed security officers. Based on our clients security needs, we will determine the ideal solution to minimize your security threats and establish controls that will preserve the integrity of your organization’s security posture.

At Culper Investigations Group, we are proud to offer an exceptional and highly qualified security guard service. We make every effort to ensure you get the best guards to protect you, your company, or your small business or special event. Our guards are carefully selected based on their level of expertise, professionalism, knowledge, and mannerisms. By hiring our security guards, you can rest assured that every security concern will be dealt with in an effective and efficient manner. All of our guards are licensed, trained and go through rigorous background checks to ensure that only the best are dispatched to our customers.

Unarmed guards:

Unarmed security guards services are more commonly used in low risk security operations, and are the most cost effective approach to your security needs. Culper Investigations Group offers unarmed guards for an array of situations that include but are not limited to: super markets, shopping malls, schools, college campuses, retail establishments, car dealerships, and other locations where their uniformed appearance serves as a powerful deterrent to unlawful activity. Our guards are customer friendly and perform their duty in a professional manner.

Armed guards:

In situations where unarmed guards may not provide enough protection, armed guards may represent the better solution to your security situation. They are typically utilized in higher risk areas and are more likely to deter crime and violence than unarmed guards. It may not be an easy decision to include armed personnel to your security plan, but at Culper Investigations Group we do our best to ease any concerns you may have through our hiring policies. We implement an effective screening strategy to ensure that all our armed guards have the proper licensing, firearms training requirements, drug screening, and continued in-service training. In fact, we make every effort to hire our armed personnel from reliable professional backgrounds such as the military and law enforcement communities.

Bodyguard services:

We offer close protection services to public figures and high profile business executives among other clients. We will discuss the security threats you face and develop a plan to best mitigate those risks in order to protect you and your family. Our bodyguard services are offered by highly experienced experts with extensive knowledge in this field. Close protection services are important for those who feel their life is at risk. Feel free to call us today and we can discuss ways to keep you and your family safe at all times.

Whether your security need is for armed, unarmed, or bodyguard services, our management team will work with you to determine which type of guard service best fits your organization. Call us for free consultation.