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Culper Investigations Group is a full service insurance fraud investigative firm. We specialize in workman’s compensation cases, disability, and general liability investigations. We provide fraud investigations to insurance companies, self-insured corporations, third party administrators, and defense attorneys.There are several types of investigations in the insurance industry. Among these are: auto, personal injury, workers compensation, general liability, litigation, statements and interviews, alive and well check verification, activity checks, catastrophic injury and death claims.

An insurance fraud investigation is an investigation that centers around fraudulent attempts to collect based on excessive or false claims. According to the Coalition against Insurance Fraud, an estimated $80 billion is paid out annually in fraudulent insurance claims.

There are many methods and techniques used to obtain information in an insurance fraud investigation and in most cases they are conducted to determine whether the claimant’s claims are true or false. At Culper Investigations Group we utilize all the methods at our disposal including:

  • Surveillance
  • Medical history search
  • Previous claims & accident searches
  • Witness interviews
  • Insurance coverage analysis
  • Physicians billing search and analysis
  • Claimant background checks
Our investigators will uncover evidence, if present, of workers who claim compensation when falsely injured. Investigators will verify the severity of the injury and whether the injury occurred while the person was working.


Before we send our investigators out into the field we ensure that we have all the information and facts by working closely with the claims specialist. We believe that prompt communication, detailed written reports and quick turnaround times ensure success. We will provide your staff with video and photo evidence with time and date stamping, along with the written reports.

This will support and corroborate the investigators observations which can be utilized as physical evidence in a court of law in support of your claim or legal situation. Upon request, we’ll provide court testimony in support of our investigation. Call us today for free consultation