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Do you need to find a missing child from a foster care home? Lost contact with the parents of a child in the foster care system? Are you in need a diligent adoption search? If you’re a foster care agency or law firm representing a client in New York State, we can help.According to the 2014 report from the Adoption and Foster Care Analysis and Reporting System (AFCARS) there are over 402,000 children throughout the US in the foster care system and over 25,000 in New York State alone.

Foster care is the supervised care for neglected, abused, and dependent children who need a safe place to live when parents or relatives can no longer care for them. It is either on a full-time or day-care basis and intended to be a temporary living arrangement.

Culper Investigations Group conducts diligent searches for the purpose of finding children that are missing from a foster home, locating parents with whom a foster care agency have lost contact with, to locating a parent for the purpose of ending their parental rights.

Terminating parental rights is the first step in the legal process for an adoption to take place and a diligent adoption search is required by law before this can happen.

Culper Investigations Group follows all the steps required by New York
State law when conducting their diligent searches, including:
  • Last known address
  • Regulatory agencies
  • Death Records
  • Law Enforcement Records
  • Hospitals
  • Military Records
  • Professional Data Bases
  • Last known employment
  • Relatives
  • Telephone Records
  • Department of Corrections
  • Utility Company Records
  • Tax Records
Culper Investigations Group will perform a comprehensive and prompt investigation so that all concerned parties can move forward to provide the child with the most favorable permanent living situation possible. Call us today for free consultation